In the current economy, properly perfecting potential lien, bond and retention claims has taken on even greater importance. That’s why we created updated lien charts that graphically illustrate important requirements and deadlines for private and public project lien, bond and retention claims. The Washington chart is available as a download by clicking here. It is designed as a helpful overview of notice and other procedural hurdles that must be overcome in order to successfully pursue these claims. Additionally, we created a chart for Oregon lien and bond claims that can be downloaded here.

A few words of caution in using the charts. First, if you have an older version, please discard it and use the attached 2014 version. Second, this area of the law is complex and constantly changing. Ashbaugh Beal strongly recommends that you consult with an attorney before relying on the information contained in the chart. Richard Skalbania and Tymon Berger are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the attached charts or anything related to lien, bond or retention claims.